Grinding Media

We offer grinding media of all types and sizes including steel, glass and ceramic.

  • Perlite Pb-Free Glass Grinding Media

    Pb-Free Glass Grinding Media

    Our economical PERLITE silica glass is specially formulated for optimum results in all high speed bead mills and sand mills. These beads have high impact and cruising strength. They are spherical and free of tails, surface cracks and fused pieces.

  • Durmax Steel Grinding Media

    Steel Grinding Media

    Sigma DURMAX Grinding Media is available in chrome alloy steel, Carbon steel or stainless steel. This media is especially popular for use in the manufacture of printing inks, magnetic tape coatings and various other applications.

    The superior manufacturing process used for DURMAX beads results in highest wear resistance and fewest media changes.

  • Zirox S

    Zirconia Silicate Grinding Media

    Our ZIROX grinding media is available as either a medium-density bead or high-density. In many applications the higher cost of ZIROX beads will be offset by their longer life. ZIROX is also commonly used for milling lighter shades of paint, ink, and color dispersions where steel media would otherwise discolor the product.