Model LE-3D Vacuum Duplex Soap Plodder



Previously used in a laboratory, in “like new” condition. Barrel diameter of 3” (76mm) with maximum billet diameter of approx, 1.8” (46mm).

Built 2007, original price was USD $43,200

  • 2 x 3HP motors
  • Allen-Bradley VFD’s on both stages for variable speed
  • Includes internal vacuum pump
  • Water temperature inlet display
  • Water temperature upper stage outlet display
  • Water temperature lower stage outlet display
  • Extrusion cone temperature display
  • Soap temperature at outlet display
  • Includes additional refining group parts for use as a duplex refiner Includes foot switch for easy start/stop operation of lower stage
  • Wired for 230 volts, 3-phase. Can be used for 50 hz or 60 hz.